Are you ready for a magical adventure? Waverly the Witch is the book for you!

Starting at a new school is always nerve-wracking, but for Waverly, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime! Quickly, Waverly’s first-day jitters turn into excitement as she discovers magic around every corner.

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Waverly The Witch is the perfect tool for teaching young readers about the value of hard work and the exciting opportunities new, sometimes scary places can bring. This engaging and imaginative book reminds young readers and dreamers just how magical they are.

Waverly The Witch is a children’s picture book aimed at readers aged 4 to 10, but it can be enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. Fun and fantastical, this is a great story for readers of all ages. Read the book, discuss Waverly’s sense of determination, and see what you can spot in the book’s detailed illustrations!

Waverly the Witch

When Waverly’s family moves to a new town, she feels nervous about starting at a new school—but it’s soon clear that this school is unlike any other. With the help of her wizard friend Bobby, Waverly discovers her talents for brewing potions and flying broomsticks. There’s just one problem: Waverly’s parents don’t seem to believe her. Waverly’s confidence carries her through as she works hard to prove to her parents what a wonderful witch she can be.

A Magical school trip

In this sequel to Waverly the Witch, the students of West Charm are bursting with excitement for their first field trip. In New York City, Waverly and Bobby are awed by the bright lights and beautiful parks, and their hotel—a giant castle nestled right in the middle of the city! There’s so much to see, but the highlight of the trip is the wizardry convention, full of more magical tools and trinkets than Waverly’s ever seen before. It’s certain to be a trip they’ll never forget.

Waverly the Witch Sings

Waverly loves attending a school where everyone believes in the power of magic—and music. When she enters a singing contest, she knows that in order to do well, she must practice, practice, practice. Follow Waverly as she learns that working hard really can help make your dreams come true.

Silly Sam​ - The Elf​

Christmas Eve is here, and Silly Sam is up to festive mischief!

With so many jokes, pranks, and funny games to play, Sam keeps the elves entertained all throughout the
holiday season. But when Sam steals Santa’s magical red suit, his Christmas jokes don’t seem so funny.

Can Santa’s magic survive the hilarious hijinks of this
mischievous elf? Discover the North Pole through magical illustrations by Luis Peres, and prepare for a holiday season to remember!

A Valentine's Day mishap

It’s Valentine’s Day, and a magical day is in store at West Charm School!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and Waverly knows just how to celebrate! She plans magical gifts for all of her friends at West Charm School. But when one classmate decides to play tricks, Waverly’s valentines quickly turn sour. Can Waverly practice forgiveness and have an enchanting Valentine’s Day?

Waverly the Witch: A Valentine’s Day Mishap is the latest addition to author Angela Lindsey’s best-selling Waverly the Witch series. This whimsical story is perfect for readers aged 3 to 9 who love all things magical.
Join Waverly and her friends on a spellbinding Valentine’s Day adventure.


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Angela has many more stories in mind and is excited to publish more children’s books in the future. She is looking forward to hearing your thoughts on her first picture book, Waverly the Witch, and she can’t wait to share more children’s stories with you soon.

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